How to Extract Melanin from Black Skin

Have you ever heard about Melanin? If yes then I must tell you that melanins are a diverse group of macromolecules. Yes, these are often produced in living beings. Now the question arises how it comes? Then must clear you it is an effect of oxidative polymerization of various phenolic substances. It is skin pigmentation.

These are the special types of skin cells which called melanocytes, and it further creates melanin. We all have the same number of melanocytes rather some people make more melanin comparative to others. It becomes a reason that if some cells in our body make a bit of melanin then some parts of the body especially hair, skin iris of the eyes become lighter. As it is if these cells produced more melanin then the hair, skin eye’s tone will be darker or have hyperpigmentation. The result is that it will look uneven skin tone.

So, here we are to illustrate to you the facts and some related information about melanin. We are sure this information most helpful to you. If your parents have a skin pigment, you’ll probably get the melanin because of a heredity problem. But the melanin in your body is mostly based on your genes. One of the other reasons is that the melanin pigment mostly occurred by UV rays or DNA damage. This does not cause proper pigmentation but involves darkening of the skin, tanning, redness, etc.

The two major types of melanin pigment are eumelanin and phelonion. Both cause different reactions and harm to the skin. The eumelanin, pigment is often found in darker-tone people. it is ultimately responsible for coloring the hair black, brown, grey, and yellow.

The other one is. Phelonion pigment is concerned with fairer-skin people. It damages the tone of hair and changes it from red to yellow. It is more affected to red-haired individuals. Yes, it also occurs with constant and unprotected sun exposure. Which may cause some areas of the skin to get a darker appearance than the rest.

How to Extract Melanin from Black Skin

If melanin gets lack from our body, it may also cause skin damage and cancers, but it mainly causes light-skinned people. So, here are some facts and reasons which may cause melanin. Now it is time to reveal the extraction process or ways to cure. These are a common problem with most people. So we all know prevention is better than cure. There are some preferences also which may stop or be helpful to reduce melanin if occurs.

Homemade pack

Creams & Ointments

Less resistance to sun exposure

Avoid bleaching at home

Chemical sources

Laser therapy

So, these are the various methods that can be helpful for protecting melanin. Just focus on a few constraints which must be helpful. Now, we just talk about few considerations about melanin extraction. Just take a glance.

The Melanin can be extracted as such by alkali or water. The cleavage from protein which considers the melanin insoluble in all solvents Yes, these are insoluble in common organic solvents, aqueous acids, and water as well.

The generic term “melanin“ is a black, brown, or even yellow pigment. The extraction classification is based on the chemical composition of the monomer subunit structure of the pigment. It is a challenging task, due to the high heterogeneity of melanins, and their analytical characterization.

Currently, the process includes synthesized analytical methods. It can be applied in melanin analysis workflow, from extraction and purification to high-throughput methods. It includes such as matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass-spectrometry or pyrolysis gas chromatography. The comparative evaluation of analytical methods for melanin analysis has proven to be a hard task. For the consecutive of finding equivalent results, even when the same matrix was used it might be not clear.

There is a need to emphasize the proper and prior knowledge of melanin types and properties. There are many methods for the extraction process. To select a valid experimental design you can use analytical methods by which we can deliver reliable results and consistent conclusions.

Are you aware of the fact that most of the radiation energy from sunlight is converted into heat? Yes, melanin also plays a vital role in the thermoregulation of melanized organisms. In fact in pathogenic bacteria and fungi, melanin is a determinant and reliable factor. So it acts as a shield against immunological host response. So, before taking any process must look into its positive and negative factors. Melanin is a natural disorder on the skin because of various factors. Just take care of a few considerations to control melanin.

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