Why Does Hair Feels Gummy When Wet?

Are you searching for hair feels gummy when wet? So you have come to the right place because in this article we are going to tell you why your hair feels gummy when wet.

Friends, not only you, there are many such people who have this problem when they come out of the bath and their hair gets dry by hair dryer or in any way, then after some time they feel that their hair is sticking together or there is gum on their hair.

It is not necessary that in every portion in your head, you may feel that in your head’s top area, you feel that there is gum and your hair is connected with each other after you wash your hairs. If you do, the gum gets stuck in the middle of your hair.

Sometimes you may also feel that some other man has put a lot of gum between your hair, due to which your hair starts getting attached to each other.

You feel maybe you did not wash your hair properly and the shampoo and conditioner you use is in the middle of your hair but in reality it is not the case that you clean your hair as well as you want. Do it but if your hair is gummy, then you have to fix it.

Now we will tell you some such reasons due to which your hair feels gummy when wet and together we are also going to tell you some solutions, using which you can completely fix your hair and you can bring your hair back in good condition.

Hair Feels Gummy When Wet? Here’s Some Reasons

There are some major reasons you feel like your hair gummy when wet, If you think that your reason is different, then you can tell us by commenting below of this article. We are not saying that we will tell you some solutions that will fix your hair in 2 days, but if you read this article properly, then your hair will slowly recover.

  • Gummy Hair After Bleaching

You probably didn’t know that bleaching is is a very aggressive process for your hair. Yes, it can damage your hair and your scalp too, sometimes, turns it gummy and stretchy. Maybe the same thing happened to you, you have also got your hair blond because of that your hair feels gummy when you dry them.

Bleaching is a chemical process and if something do not do properly it, it can damage your hair and your scalp.

When you are getting your hair bleached, then there is some time after which you have to rinse your hair in a good way but because of some mistakes the hair rinse gets delayed. If so, because of that, whatever chemicals are used to bleach, they remain between our scalp and our hair.

The chemicals which remain between your scalp and your hair, then those chemicals give effect to your hair for a long time and make your hair gummy.

  • Wrong Shampoo and Conditioner

It may also happen that the shampoo and conditioner you are using for your hair is not suitable for your hair and it contains some such ingredients which are making your hair gummy.

There are some shampoos and conditioners in which silicone and sulfate are found and these shampoos and conditioners are not suitable for all hair types, maybe there are some such ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner which are harming your hair.

Or it may also happen that you apply excessive shampoo and conditioner on your hair. Because by applying more shampoo, the ingredients in between shampoos stay on your hair and scalp and you do not even wash your hair properly, due to which your shampoo and conditioner make your hair gummy. So in your case any shampoo or conditioner that you are using is causing your hair to become gummy.

  • Environment

Changes in the environment can also cause your hair feels gummy when wet. Maybe you are fond of traveling and whenever you go from your city or state to any other place, the weather there changes completely, then in that case the air there can affect your hair and you might feel like your hair is gummy.

So in this case you do not need to worry because when you come to your previous environment, your hair will start recovering slowly.

  • Hard Water

If you change the water with which you rinse your hair, then it also affects your hair. Because there are many ingredients in water as we all know about it. The natural ingredients found in water are very good for the health of our hair, but many times when we go to some other place, we have to use the water of that place, that water make our hair frozen and you feel your hair gummy after dry.

But there is no need to panic because it is only for a very short time, whenever you start using your water, your hair will start recovering gradually.

Solution for Gummy Hair

Below we have some solutions you can use to fix your gummy hair. You can use any of these methods but you have to wait for a few days because your hair will be gradually fine.

  • Avoid Shampooing and Conditioning too Much

If your hair has been gummy, then now you have to take a lot of attention that you have to wash your hair only once a shampoo. Because of gummy hair, if you think you will shampoo your hair, will your hair be fix? This is not at all because if you do more shampoo to your hair, then all the nature ingredients will go to your hair.

Use the shampoo and conditioner whose ingredients are very good and give any kind of damage to your hair. For this, we are recommending some shampoo and conditioner, which are very good for your hair and if hair feels gummy, then you use these shampoos and conditioners and in a few days you can get rid of your gummy hair.

  • Biotin in your Diet

Biotin is a supplement that is very imprint for our hair, you probably need to know that our hair and nail are made of protein. As if we eat water and food to stay alive, the same way if you want to keep your hair good then you must add a biotin supplements in your diet. If you have to know, that how much biotin you should eat in a day and which is the most biotin amount then read Biotin – Health Professional Fact Sheet.

  • Baking Soda

You can also fix your gummy hair with the help of baking soda, Use sprinkle of baking soda + shampoo mixed for a paste. Apply to hair & Wash it. Condition well after. Will remove the buildup.

  • Don’t Tie Your Hair

Many times we do that when we are at our home or we are in our office, we tie our hair, but if your hair has gummy, stop tie your hair because your Hair breakdown will start. You always have to keep your hair open because because of this your hair will be fine.

  • Rinse Hair Properly

If you are facing a gummy feeling in your hair, then one reason may also be that you do not rinse your hair properly. Because whatever conditioner, shampoo and any other hair product we use, it has a fixed time to stay on your hair or your scalp. If you do not remove that hair product from your hair and scalp after that particular time, it can become a problem for you and you feel that your fair has become gummy.

So always keep in mind that whenever you rinse your hair with shampoo, conditioner or any hair product, then rinse it properly and using your fingers so that any kind of chemical in that product can be used on your scalp so that chemical should not be on your scalp or hair.

Here’s some shampoo & conditioner if hair feels gummy when wet

This is some such shampoo and conditioner we have told you which will solve any kind of problem and if you are your hair feels gummy, then you start using these Shampoo and Conditions once a week.

  • Botanic Hearth Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner Set

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This is clarifying shampoo and conditioner set that soothes, invigorates, and deeply nourishes your hair and scalp, this is sulfate free, paraben free and made in USA. This will expertly planned with hair and scalp loving ingredients, the hair shampoo and conditioner work together to promote refreshingly clean, hydrated hair and scalp.


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  • Hair Food Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner Set

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If the problem of your gummy hair troubles you, then start using this shampoo because this shampoo will keep your hair healthy and soft and the problem of your gummy hair will be far in a few days. Hair Food Avocado and Argan Oil Sulfate Free Smoothing Shampoo gently leaves your hair smooth, hydrated and vibrant. So if hair feels gummy after wash or hair feels gummy after dry then must use these products.

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